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Pivot Sales

Top Five Reasons VALLEY continues to be the best value.

1. Strongest, Most Durable Spans

2.  Made in the USA Gearbox

3.  Balanced Design for Long-Term Life

4.  Advanced Technologies

5.  World's Leading Dealer Network

Pivot Sales
Pump & Well
Underground & PVC

We have three pump rigs to get you back to pumping as quickly as possible. Great turn around times is what everyone needs and that's what we deliver.

Pump & Well

We install underground PVC pipe of all sizes from  1 1/4" to 12" pipe, all sizes of cablecon wire (wire in  HDPE duct) We also stock several sizes of wire. We do our own trenching and backhoe, underground pipeline repair and fittings. We stock large supplies of underground PVC fittings, steel epoxy underground fittings, chemigation check valves, weld on flanges, gaskets, pumpstands, vertical copper cooling coils for combustion engines. We manufacturing custom horizontal cooling coils, and underground fittings.

Underground & Pipeline

Center Pivot Insurance Replacement Coverage

Western Kansas Valley, Inc. & Diversified Agrisurance Company

Irrigation is our specialty at Western Kansas Valley, Inc.
ONE CALL-We sell the insurance, adjust most claims, and repair your pivot.
NO HASSLE-Work with only one company who can cover all your needs.
MINIMUM DOWN TIME-Authorization and repair usually received the same
day that pictures and estimates are received by the insurance company.
Simplified Claims Process
Adjuster is typically not needed when Western Kansas Valley, Inc. does the repair work.
Fast approval to repair.
Replacement Cost Coverage
Insurance to replacement value. (Up to the amount insured.)
No depreciation on repairs.
Mechanical Breakdown Optional Coverage
Costs approximately $69 Extra on 1300' Pivot)
Covers damage caused by failure of alignment system components,
microswitches, or reversing and/or shut-off mechanisms.
Choice of Deductibles
$500, $1,000, $2,500
Very Competitive Rates

This exciting program is available through Western Kansas Valley, Inc. 
Underwritten by one of the largest insurance companies in the industry. 
There is no faster claims service available.

Please contact us for further information:
"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after
the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten."

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